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Welcome to the residents of South Drive’s objection page! We are under threat of overdevelopment on our quiet cul-de-sac. Macar developments have proposed to build two huge multi storey apartment blocks on South Drive. We the residents of south Drive are objecting to this monstrosity of a design and asking you & the wider community to support us in our objection.

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Macar Developments plan the demolition of existing buildings (two residential bungalows), and commence the erection of a part 5, part 6 storey (plus lower ground floor) block of flats.

Support us and register your objection on the Croydon council planning department.

Planning Reference: 20/01397/FUL

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There are many ways to take action as a member of StopthemultistoreysouthdriveCR52BJ, all of which are key elements to the success of our Environmental Protection Movement. Have a look at some of the opportunities to get involved below, and get in touch for more information about how you can do your part.


The intentionally misleading CAD drawings depict a wider road than the actual narrow culdesac


Loss Of Natural Sunlight / Scale Of Development 

The excessive height and bulk of the building would mean loss of sunlight and daylight to, not only, adjoining residents but residents’ homes behind and across the road from the building site.Apart from the new development by Coulsdon Town station (which was on old industrial land next to a railway) this would be the largest building in Coulsdon and totally out of scale.  The development on Station Approach was 4 storeys facing the High Street so as not to be overly dominant and then increased in height further back next to the railway/dual carriage way.  Croydon planning thought 4 storeys would be too imposing on the High Street however they do not seem a six storey building too imposing on a cul-de sac. The size difference between the proposed development and the surrounding 2 storey properties would be stark. 



There is insufficient parking below the recommended allowances.  A high level of parking stress was identified by the parking survey for the development at 13 South Drive.  The flats at 13 South Drive and 98 Brighton Road are under construction and both within 100m of the site.  When they are occupied they will increase the parking stress in the area.


Objection Points made by East Coulsdon’s Residents Association

-Due to the topographical nature of the site, the development will be significantly higher than the properties in the High Street and is completely inappropriate for this area. 

-There would be undue loss of privacy, again, not only for adjoining residents but those behind and across the road from the proposed site which can clearly be seen for this out of perspective image from the planning application. 

-Being a narrow cul-de-sac, this huge development would have an unacceptable impact on the lives of the residents who live in the road as well as any prospective future occupiers. 

-South Drive has no turning circle, and even the Council’s own dustcart and re-cycling lorries are unable to access easily as such vehicles have to reverse all the way back out of the road. Confirmation of this can be obtained from the Council’s own operators.

-Parking is a huge problem on this road with parking on each side of the road making it a single carriageway road. Made worse by the planning permissions which have been approved within the road and the surrounding area of The Avenue, Leaden Hill, Station Approach and many more where developers have been allowed to point to South Drive, The Avenue and others as having plenty of parking – which is untrue. -Large construction vehicles would cause significant disruption to the operation of the Town Centre during the build and in relation to parking once complete It is unimaginable how much more stress and strain and noise that the residents of the of South Drive and surrounding roads would be subjected to during construction from huge lorries which would obstruct the road itself and the surrounding area. 16 (was 18) parking spaces is totally inadequate for such a large building of 39 (was 40) flats which is likely to generate so many more cars even if, as has been proved in the past, there is good public transport nearby. “ spaces are cited to be kerbside, thus reducing the amount of parking for other residents o the road.

Coulsdon does not need any more 1 and 2 bedroom flats, with the number of flats already in the pipeline with planning consent Coulsdon will suffer from a shortage of family sized dwellings, meaning 3 and 4 bedroom dwellings with some private outside space. As the CV-19 lockdown has shown, lack of a garden and amenity space for children is unhealthy. We believe the pandemic will greatly reduce the demand for flats without significant private outdoor amenity space that each flat can enjoy. 

-There is insufficient private amenity space in the plans. The developers own aerial photo on the front of their Design and Access Statement clearly shows there is no close public amenity space close to the development.

Join us in supporting a worthy cause.



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